Everything you need to know about Student Lifecycle Management Solutions
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Everything you need to know about Student Lifecycle Management Solutions


What is Student Lifecycle Management?

Student lifecycle management or SLM is a comprehensive data-driven approach that helps manage ‘student success’ through their entire journey from admission to alumni. Such solutions are also often referred to as Student Lifecycle CRM (Constituent Relationship Management).

Student success is undeniably one of the most important goals for any college or university. Historically, student success has depended on a lot of manual work to organise marketing activities for universities to attract fresh prospects, track their interests, nurture them through continuous engagement, provide financial aid for the deserving and successfully recruit them into the university. And only then the journey of the student even begins!

Once the student journey is underway, retention and progress become the most important goals. Knowing and understanding every one of your students is not an easy task even with the most basic in-house SLM solutions available today, let alone try achieving that manually. No two students are the same and identifying “at risk” students early, customising communication with them, and helping them succeed, significantly raises the overall student success ratio for any institution.


Once they graduate and begin their career, yet another responsibility becomes crucial to the university. Challenges of staying connected to your alumni, facilitating an environment for them to mentor budding student graduates and improving their chances of employability, all add great value and reputation to the institution.

Every aspect of this cycle fuels the turbines of an institution. It’s only fair that you are enabled with a bleeding-edge, cloud powered SLM solution that is intuitive, mobile friendly, responsive and acts as a natural extension of yourselves to achieve these goals.

A holistic SLM suite implemented in a university would be capable of helping its students throughout their journey from enquiry to enrolment, class start to graduation, and becoming a successful alumni.

What are the effective Student Lifecycle Management solutions that have some key capabilities.

They are intuitive: Their data-informed approach helps recognise crucial information and patterns to identify a challenge, easy-to-use intervention tools, and help solve it early. Identifying “at risk” students early and helping them succeed is a great example of an intuitive application.

They stay connected real-time: They are cloud powered and help the university staff with real-time data about their students and their issues to help solve them efficiently and communicate with students on their preferred devices based on student persona.

student engagement platform

They engage students where they are: 86% of the students spend over 90% of all their time on their smartphones. A smart solution that engages them right where they are, makes it easy to interact, and engagement natural. While it completely enables the students via smartphones it should also have a console option for the staff that streamlines their workday and makes their interaction responsive and effective.

They improve productivity multi-fold: Automation is the name of the game. Be it handling service requests or general queries it’s important for the staff to be able to notify their students, and campus constituents every step of the way, hassle free. Institutions require a sophisticated case management solution to truly enable them like never before.

Student Lifecycle CRM

They integrate with other entities seamlessly: Every college or university uses multiple 3rd party apps and to store student administrative and academic data and its extremely important for a lifecycle management solution to be able to integrate with them seamlessly, avoid data redundancy and provide unique dashboards to help in student engagement endeavours.

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