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Alumni Engagement CRM

Engage your alumni like never before; e2s Connect makes alumni central to the well-being of your current students by mentoring and volunteering while creating a vibrant network among your alumni.
Alumni Management Software
Tap into the most valuable network – your alumni!
Alumni Engagement Software
Alumni background
Alumni Engagement Strategies
It is imperative that every institution tracks their alumni network meticulously; e2s Connect is a versatile alumni engagement software
  • gives alumni opportunities to partake in the campus events and initiatives
  • facilitates a vibrant bidirectional communication between the advancement team and the alumni
  • gives a holistic view of alumni engagement to the staff via a real-time 360 Alumni View
  • It provides various features such as job board, mentoring, alumni fundraising, communities, networking, volunteering, and much more.
Make your alumni central to student success and well-being!


e2s Connect is a one-of-a-kind alumni management software that helps under-staffed alumni teams to widen their reach, create relationships with their alumni network, and provides valuable mentoring and employment opportunities.

Alumni Giving

Alumni Giving

The best way for Alumni to thank their alma mater is to give back through scholarships and programmes, which will demonstrate how financial support can make a big difference in a student's journey toward a college degree.


Volunteering initiatives give a perfect chance to rally your alumni together to support a worthy cause. Survey them ahead to find out what they care about the most for a successful volunteering initiative.

Job Board

Job Board

Alumni can access the Job Board postings on e2s Connect from alumni and organisations covering a variety of industries, job types, functional areas, etc., and alumni manage their own job search.

Foster a Lifelong Relationship with Your Most Valuable Constituents – Alumni

Persona Outreach

'One size doesn't fit all' in alumni communication. Use the unique tools from e2s Connect to create custom alumni personas and send targeted communication to persona-based groups for effective outreach.

Alumni Engagement Platform
Advancement CRM

Alumni Rewards

Your institution can offer your alumni access to several exclusive benefits such discounts at retailers and corporate partners, and customised badges for tasks completed,


e2s Connect enables ongoing alumni engagement through communication with the alumni community using automated campaigns of engaging content via email etc.

Alumni Networking

Alumni Networking

An alum can network with other alumni by connecting, sharing information, revealing profile details, inviting to communities etc. to bond, share memories, career counselling and job opportunities.

Streamline activities for both the staff and the alumni community!


Event management functionality on the e2s platform helps organise and run workshops and programmes for networking with the alumni, and current students for ongoing alumni engagement.

Events Management
Alumni Management Software

Real-time Alumni 360 view

University advancement staff, based on roles and access rights, get real-time 360 alumni view with issues raised and responses, centralised notes, institution-alum communication history, documents, progress, engagement metrics, and flags.

Social Media Sign on

e2s Connect provides easy single sign on access to alumni so that they can access the alumni management software seamlessly through their favourite social media channels login credentials.

University advancement
Dashboards and Reports

Dashboards and Reports

e2s platform comes bundled with several useful dashboards and reports, which may be easily accessed or can be automatically emailed to advancement staff periodically, even if they fail to login.

Engage with your alumni via a versatile portal/mobile app for alumni to seamlessly connect with campus staff and peers!

Like most of us, your alumni community is undoubtedly spending much more time on their mobile devices than emails. You may feel challenged by this trend, wondering how you can effectively communicate for alumni engagement in this era of instant mobile messaging.

Your alumni are right now probably networking with one another on social media, and you have so little visibility because it is happening on platforms outside your purview. e2s Connect is guaranteed to change all that with one master stroke with our institution-branded mobile app (or portal depending on the device choice) for alumni connect anytime, anywhere.

Alumni Management System
Service Desk
Alumni may raise issues or queries on the Service Desk via their mobile app, anytime, anywhere. Save university advancement staff time by creating comprehensive FAQs for alumni
Create alumni communities based on graduation years (Class of 2021, etc.), interests (sports, science, etc.), or business/career focus (banking, entrepreneurship, etc.).
Polls / Surveys
Proactively pulse, engage, and understand your alumni by polling, and use their responses to build meaningful relationships with them. Send a single question poll to their
Campus News
Create and share custom content and RSS feeds with alumni on their mobile app and portal. Content such as inspiring alumni success storeys, speeches by famous alumni, the vision of the president
Alumni Resources
Alumni can quickly find the right and relevant staff member and other resources on campus through this feature on their mobile app or portal to connect, consume or communicate.
Experience e2s and you’ll wonder how you got by so far without it…