e2s Retain

Student Retention CRM

e2s Retain gives you a powerful, integrated platform for on-demand access to ‘360 student view’ to measure and improve student retention, engagement and success rates. Greatly improve student support staff efficiency and productivity to handhold students across the finish line.
Student Success
Improve student experience and success rates!
Student Retention software
student success software
e2s Retain, a unique Student Success CRM software, gives you a powerful, integrated platform for
  • on-demand access to ‘360 student view’ to measure and improve student retention and success
  • faculty referrals and early identification of at-risk students for effective intervention
  • increased staff efficiency and productivity to handhold students across the finish line
  • to unique tools such as a student portal and mobile app for holistic student engagement and vibrant communication amidst campus stakeholders.
Student success is vital!

Student At-Risk alerts

Early identification of students at risk is so critical to address student issues before they snowball and put them on a track to succeed in their educational journey.

Student At-Risk


Mentoring is an essential need for student success on campuses. Set up mentoring groups for different areas of interest, facilitate mentee registration, match and connect to the right mentors.

Case Management

Case Management solution is for campus stakeholders to collaboratively create case for students, track, and handhold them, if the student is falling behind because of personal, behavioural, financial reasons etc.

Case Management Solution
Career Center


Career platform automates your ‘employment services’ function for students to find jobs when they graduate with an employer of choice. After all, student success is often measured by employability!

A connected student is an engaged student!

Student Networking

Students can network with other students by connecting, sharing information, revealing profile details, inviting to communities, etc., to bond and feel at home on campus.

Student Networking
Student Retention Software

Persona Engagement

'One size doesn't fit all' in student communication. Use the unique tools from e2s Retain to create custom personas and send targeted communication to persona-based groups for effective outreach.

360 Student View

Save time and efforts for your campus staff with a unique real-time student dashboard with not just e2s generated engagement data but also data funnelled from your other college systems.

Student Success Software
Achievement Badges

Achievement Badges

Just as addressing student issues and concerns is critical, it’s also important to appreciate students and responsively celebrate their achievements, either on-demand or automated.

Streamline your campus activities for optimal performance

Student Journey

Set up custom journeys for students, either for an individual student or for all in a student persona, by outlining tasks, timelines, resources needed, etc., to complete the task.

Student Journey
Dynamic Forms

Dynamic Forms

Your staff need the freedom to add/modify enquiry and application forms as the situation demands. Our unique CRM allows dynamic form creation, on-demand.

Event Management

e2s event management helps organise and run the workshops and programmes that universities offer for academic success to teach the skills that will help a student succeed.

Event Management
Student Engagement Platform

App Design Studio

Design a customised mobile app to serve and engage your students with your own campus brand, colour, logo, and theme without writing a single line of code.

Dashboards and Reports

e2s platform comes bundled with several valuable dashboards and reports, which may be easily accessed or can be automatically emailed to executives periodically, even if they don’t login into e2s often.

Dashboards and Reports

Engage with your students to handhold them to success via our versatile portal/mobile app

New-generation students are spending hours online and are hardly fans of phone conversations or emails:

  • Empower students with a mobile app and/or portal but for excellent student experience on campus
  • Facilitate an open bidirectional communication channel with campus staff and students
  • A versatile mobile app allows for peer networking, making “an engaged student is happy student”
  • Encourage self-help for students and let staff focus on more value-added student touchpoints.
Academic Advising Software
Service Desk / FAQs
Save staff time by creating comprehensive FAQs and ability to ‘ask a question’ anytime. FAQ’s are for student self-service in the mobile app/portal with smart search capabilities.
Appointment Booking
Students often need to meet with advisors and other campus staff. They can easily set up appointments via their mobile app/portal as one-time or recurring, specifying duration and venue.
Students can create public or private communities for learning and leisure purposes such as ‘astronomy’ or ‘hiking’, invite other students to join, post text and video content
Polls and Surveys
Proactively pulse, engage, and guide students by polling and using their responses to stay ahead of their needs. Send a single question poll to their mobile app, to a specific student persona
Campus News
Broadcast custom campus news or RSS feeds to students on their mobile app/portal to keep current on-campus happenings such as sports, alumni success stories, etc.
Student Resources
Students can quickly find the right and relevant staff member on campus through the Staff Directory on their mobile app or portal to connect and communicate. With a single touch,
Experience e2s and you’ll wonder how you got by so far without it…