Know your students’ behaviour towards mobile technologies


Mobile phones are not just limited to communication purposes today. Case studies, research, and development confirm this. Students’ behaviour is unique when it comes to the consumption of mobile technologies.

Mobile phone usage has become multivalued and people who are in the age group of 19-25 years are extensive users of mobile phones.

While cell phones provide many of the same temptations as television and Internet-connected computers, the main difference is that cell phones fit in our pockets and purses and are with us wherever we go. They provide an enduring invitation to sit and play. The cell phone has become deep-rooted on college campuses. Have you ever tried to understand what your student’s behaviour towards mobile technology is? We at Engage2Serve know better. This is why we have a branded mobile app that empowers today’s student community with what they most deserve when it comes to connecting with their institution, peers, and alumni for a better tomorrow.

Students behaviour towards mobile technologies

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