Know your students’ behaviour towards mobile technologies


Students behaviour towards mobile technologies

Mobile phones are not just limited to communication purposes today. Case studies, research, and development confirm this. Students behaviour towards mobile technologies is noteworthy. Besides using it as a social connectivity and collaborative tool, they also prefer using it for flexible and personalised learning activities

Mobile phone usage has become multivalued and people who are in the age group of 19-25 years are extensive users of mobile phones.

While cell phones provide many of the same temptations as television and Internet-connected computers, the main difference is that cell phones fit in our pockets and purses and are with us wherever we go. They provide an enduring invitation to sit and play.

Which is why the cell phone has become deep-rooted on college campuses. Most students show a stronger commitment towards learning using mobile technologies for learning. Apart from showing a willingness to learn and use, several of them even recommend it.

Have you ever tried to understand what your student’s behaviour towards mobile technology is? We at Engage2Serve know better. We know your mission is to elevate students to a new level and help them achieve their goals. This is why we have a branded mobile app that empowers today’s student community with what they most deserve when it comes to connecting with their institution, peers, and alumni for a better tomorrow.

Students behaviour towards mobile technologies

e2s mobile app is designed with a student-centric approach to help them be competitive, to achieve success, build student engagement, well-being, and kerb them from dropping out.

The app is an outcome of the deep research and analysis of your student behaviour towards mobile technologies. It allows your students to sort out their queries on-time, engage, nurture and be responsive with them from their preferred devices. There is greater peer group interaction all towards the academic initiatives.

The best about e2s mobile app is that it is absolutely simple to set up without IT intervention. It can be accessed from our single system from anywhere/anytime and highly configurable without the need for a single line of code. Contact us to know more about how our mobile app can help enhance your students’ behaviour.

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