International Student Recruitment

International Student Recruitment


Recruit the best talent using Mobile engagement

Institutions are striving hard to attract the best students from countries around the world.  A decade ago, the prime destination for higher education used to be the US or UK. Now, there are many other countries competing for international students such as Australia, Germany, Netherlands, China, Singapore, Canada, New Zealand, and Ireland.  They attract students with great scholarships, cheaper tuition fees, and competitive courses.

Universities worldwide, adopt direct and indirect means to promote their educational offering and student outreach. Students research these Universities in a hyper-connected world and then contact them in various ways. Education agents, recruitment fairs, and print advertisements have been the traditional recruitment channels adopted by Universities for International student recruitment. The traditional methods adopted by Universities may be a trusted source for parents and influencers, but are not necessarily what appeals to millennial students who grow up with smart phones in today’s ‘notifications era’.

Institution-branded Mobile App – A Game Changer

With effective digital marketing techniques, Universities can achieve increased enquiries by reaching a larger audience. Once the first contact is established with a prospect, having a University or College branded mobile app could completely change the game for effective recruitment.  Reach students smartly on their everyday devices with targeted communication and instantly create an interest in your University.  With the help of a mobile app, institutions can communicate and engage the prospect effectively, run campaigns with custom messages, and enhance brand visibility. Disseminate curated content, broadcast videos, and virtual campus tours to attract the right future students.  The prospects also prefer to be guided by an advisor throughout the admission process, and communication through a mobile app will be handy for individual engagement.

Institutions, using this modern tool, can embellish their brand, exercise full control over their communication channel to the prospect, and reduce reliance on middlemen such as education agents, while creating a flexible and customised admission process.  It takes more than a generic web page on the website to lure prospects in today’s crowded and noisy environment.  It is going to be all about touching and nurturing that prospect or applicant.

Research reports say that 95% of the students who apply to University’s own smart phone.  It is also reported that more than 80% of the students, apply to at least three Universities.  The institutional mobile app can deliver more benefits like:

  • Persona-based targeted communication (domestic students, international students, program)
  • Interactive medium
  • Custom messages and notifications
  • Virtual campus tours
  • Respond to enquiries quickly
  • Chat for engagement
  • Admission status tracking

Institutions can become thought leaders and trail blazers by using today’s technologies and build a competitive edge to attract the right students.  Internationalisation is becoming a prime goal for more and more Universities in an increasingly flat world that offers as many opportunities as competition.

How can we help you engage your prospects with a mobile app?

We help transform campus engagement automation for leading universities globally, with our tailor-made student life cycle management solutions, and empower prospects, students, and alumni with mobile apps.