Top 7 Student Engagement CRM Tools in 2024
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Top 7 Student Engagement CRM Tools in 2024


An appropriate Student Engagement CRM software is a need of the hour for universities. Throughout a student’s lifecycle journey, what’s most crucial is their experience on the campus,  and how the university assists them during the student’s times of need. This determines the student’s association and continued relationship with the university even after becoming an alum. Institutions face increasing pressure to engage and support students in today’s rapidly evolving higher education landscape. With advancements in technology and data analytics, there is now a crucial need for Student Engagement CRM platforms equipped with robust data capabilities to drive institutional effectiveness and enhance student outcomes.

Why Student Engagement CRM platforms matter?

Institutions globally recognise the significance of implementing the right Student Engagement CRM tailored to suit the needs of the higher education institution. These platforms are centralised hubs for managing student interactions, tracking student engagement, and leveraging data-driven insights to foster student success. They also help identify at-risk students early, and indicate who needs immediate attention based on transactions and behavioural patterns. Here’s why Student engagement CRM platform are essential in today’s higher education landscape:

  1. Personalised Engagement: Student engagement is critical for fostering a sense of belonging and academic success. CRM platforms enable institutions to personalise communications, interventions, and support services based on individual persona, student needs and preferences.
  2. Proactive Retention Strategies: With the ability to identify at-risk students early on, student engagement CRM platforms empower institutions to implement proactive retention strategies. By leveraging predictive analytics and early alert systems, institutions can intervene swiftly through case management solutions to address academic, financial, or social challenges that may impede student progress.
  3. Data-Driven Decision-Making: In an era where data reigns supreme, student engagement CRM platforms provide institutions valuable insights into student behaviour, preferences, and performance. By harnessing data analytics, institutions can make informed decisions to optimise recruitment efforts, enhance student services, and improve retention outcomes. A real time 360 student view is of utmost importance; it does not matter how big the college is, it is about providing the best individual student experience.
  4. Streamlined Student Lifecycle Management: From recruitment and admissions to graduation and alumni engagement, CRM platforms streamline the entire student lifecycle. With 360 student view, institutions can improve operational efficiency and deliver seamless student experiences across various touchpoints by centralising student data and interactions, for uniform and consistent student support.
  5. Enhanced Institutional Effectiveness: Student Engagement CRM platform is a strategic tool for enhancing institutional effectiveness and accountability. By tracking key performance indicators, measuring the impact of interventions, and benchmarking against peer institutions, the student engagement CRM enables institutions to demonstrate their commitment to student success, wellbeing, and continuous improvement.

Top 7 Student Engagement CRM Platforms in 2024 used by universities

e2s Retain

e2s Retain from Engage2Serve Inc is a comprehensive & robust student retention CRM platform within the e2s Student Lifecycle Suite. It provides personalised engagement and robust features, with portals and mobile apps, to enhance student success and retention. It stands out as one of the only platforms offering a one-stop solution, that establishes a two-way communication between the campus stakeholders and students. e2s Retain functionalities include early alerts, personalised communication based on student personas, 360-degree student views, appointment booking, communities, mentoring, and case management. With its array of features, e2s Retain empowers staff to enhance productivity, focus on increasing retention rates and wellbeing of the student, easy to integrate with other college systems.  Engage2Serve’s solution is relevant to institutions worldwide, with easy configuration and well incorporated campus best practises.

Ellucian CRM

A comprehensive CRM platform designed to support student recruitment, retention, and success strategies, integrated with other key institutional systems. The platform supports multichannel engagement with prospective students, including online portals, social media integration, and mobile communication. This enables institutions to reach students through their preferred channels and ensure consistent messaging across various touchpoints, enhancing the overall recruitment experience.


A Salesforce company offering a CRM solution tailored for higher education, emphasising student retention through personalised engagement. From prospect engagement to territory assignments, it emphasises on Tele-recruiting being one of their features.

Slate CRM

Widely adopted for its flexibility and configurability, supporting various enrolment management and student success initiatives. It stands out for its unparallelled flexibility and configurability, allowing institutions to tailor their enrolment management and student success strategies precisely to their needs.

Jenzabar Retention

Integrates with Jenzabar’s suite of higher education software, focusing on student engagement, retention, and outcomes. Its Unified Database Architecture (UDA) enables institutions to manage all aspects of their operations, including academic, administrative, and financial functions, within a single, integrated database.

EAB Navigate 360

A holistic student success platform combining CRM capabilities with advising, early alert systems, and predictive analytics. Starfish enables institutions to provide personalised support to students at every stage of their academic journey, ultimately improving retention rates and fostering a culture of student success.

Civitas Learning

It can analyse vast amounts of student data from various sources, such as academic performance, engagement metrics, and demographic information, to identify at-risk students and intervene proactively.

These CRM platforms offer a range of features including personalised engagement, proactive retention strategies, data analytics, and streamlined student lifecycle management. While each platform has its strengths and specialisation, institutions should carefully evaluate their specific needs and priorities to select the most suitable solution.

In conclusion, the adoption of the right Student Engagement CRM platform in higher education underscores the industry’s commitment to student success and retention. By harnessing the power of data and technology, institutions can create personalised experiences, implement proactive interventions, and drive positive outcomes for all students. As the landscape continues to evolve, Student engagement CRM platforms will remain indispensable tools for institutions seeking to thrive in an increasingly competitive and data-driven environment.

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