Integrate your LMS, SIS, and other campus systems with e2s’s efficient integrated campus management system

Integrate your LMS, SIS, and other campus systems with e2s’s efficient integrated campus management system


Institutions, big and small are adopting mobile application tools because of a growing need to better communicate with their constituents. Integrated campus management systems are what everybody looks for. At Engage2Serve our student lifecycle products help address this engagement concern with a mobile-centric approach that caters to prospects, students, and alumni.  They can be implemented as a stand-alone solution or be configured with integration and data transfer functionality to deliver comprehensive information to students through their mobile devices.

However, the process of implementing an integrated campus management system or the act of transferring content and data into a new platform from a Student Information, Learning Management, or another internal system is often seen as a herculean task for IT teams. Fortunately, e2s Mobile meets industry-compliant technology standards that allow for such an endeavour to be accomplished correctly and securely without losing any sleep.

The e2s Mobile products were designed to accommodate integration and interoperability with current campus systems to create a central mobile hub. Integration is facilitated using e2s open APIs which synchronise data between it and an existing LMS, SIS, CRM (Customer Relationship Management),, or other internal systems. If APIs are not available on target systems, alternative integration approaches can include installation of a “middleware” component or establish nightly data transfers via FTP.

Engage2Serve’s Data Extract Team can also help. Our experienced data networking professionals have the skills and expertise to ensure timely and effective integration between the e2s mobile products and your existing internal systems.

With an integrated mobile solution in place, your institution can experience the full benefits offered by e2s Mobility solutions, including:

  1. Launch your school-branded mobile application
  2. Extend communication campaigns to mobile notifications
  3. Create appointments, events, and reminders
  4. Resolve queries, complaints, and receive student feedback
  5. Monitor student progress and engagement levels
  6. Measure and derive inferences for programme benchmarking

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