Top 5 Reasons Why Universities Need an Alumni Engagement CRM in 2024

Top 5 Reasons Why Universities Need an Alumni Engagement CRM in 2024


In the dynamic landscape of higher education, universities are constantly seeking innovative ways to enhance student experience, drive alumni engagement, and foster lifelong connections. Statistics reveal that alum networks are a treasure trove waiting to be tapped. According to a recent survey, 85% of alumni are willing to mentor current students, 70% are open to participating in fundraising initiatives, and 65% express interest in volunteering opportunities within their alma mater. These data underscores alumni’s immense potential in shaping universities’ success and reputation worldwide. Thus, here are the Top 5 reasons why Universities need an efficient Alumni Engagement CRM solution to engage the alumni network in 2024:

  1. Mentoring Opportunities: With 85% of alumni expressing willingness to mentor, universities can leverage this resource to offer valuable guidance, industry insights, and career advice to students. With an Alumni Engagement CRM, your university can create meaningful mentorship programs that connect alumni with students seeking guidance. It’s like having a personal advisor on speed dial, ready to help students navigate their academic and professional journeys.
      • Career Advancement: Your alumni are more than just graduates; they’re potential employers, collaborators, and mentors. An Alumni Engagement CRM helps your university bridge the gap between alumni and current students, opening doors to internships, job opportunities, and valuable networking connections. It’s like having a backstage pass to the professional world.
      • Fueling Fundraising: Every university needs financial support to thrive, and your alumni are eager to give back. With an Alumni Engagement CRM, your university can launch targeted fundraising campaigns, track donations, and engage alumni in philanthropic initiatives. It’s like rallying the troops for a cause everyone believes in.
      • Volunteer Engagement: With an Alumni Engagement CRM, your university can mobilize alumni for volunteer opportunities, whether it’s speaking at events, organizing workshops, or mentoring students. It’s like building a community where everyone has a role to play.
      • Faculty Development and Collaboration: Your alumni aren’t just mentors for students; they’re also valuable collaborators for faculty members. With an Alumni Engagement CRM, your university can foster partnerships between alumni and faculty, enrich classroom discussions, workshops solving real-life problems and drive research initiatives. It’s like bringing together the best minds to shape the future of academia.

      Your university’s alumni network is a vibrant ecosystem, brimming with potential waiting to be unlocked. Imagine the power of harnessing this collective force through an Alumni Engagement CRM – a gateway to student success, community engagement, and propelling your institution’s mission to new heights.

      Think beyond mere numbers: envision a thriving community where current students connect with seasoned alumni mentors, gaining invaluable career advice and industry insights. Picture alumni volunteers lending expertise to enrich classrooms, sharing real-world experiences that ignite young minds. Imagine targeted fundraising campaigns fueled by alumni connections, empowering you to offer scholarships, cutting-edge facilities, and transformative opportunities to your students.

      The benefits are reciprocal: alumni reconnect with their alma mater, rekindling memories and forging new bonds. They gain access to exclusive networking events, professional development workshops, and lifelong learning opportunities. The university expands its reach, attracting top talent and fostering a powerful network that extends far beyond campus walls.

      How to choose your perfect Alumni Engagement CRM

      An Alumni Engagement CRM is not just a tool; it’s a bridge. It fosters meaningful connections, ignites collaboration, and empowers a collective impact. It’s time to unlock the potential of your alumni network, together, creating a brighter future for your students, your institution, and the world. In today’s dynamic landscape, universities need a seamless, one-stop solution that easily integrates with existing systems while elevating value and experience for alumni. e2s Connect rises to the challenge, with an alumni-centric approach that covers every aspect of engagement, fostering a vibrant and connected community.

      e2s Connect from Engage2Serve is designed as a mobile-first, modern alumni engagement product meant to address today’s institutional challenges of connecting with their alumni and also connecting the alumni with one another. It also enables the University Staff to engage the entire alumni network via multiple unique formats with easy workflows to benefit the students and the university itself.

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      Engage2Serve Inc. creates transformational cloud-based, mobile-first Student Lifecycle CRM products for student recruitment, retention, and alumni engagement.


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