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Alumni CRM

Build lifelong relationships with your Alumni, encourage their effective involvement with your institution, with a campus-branded app for them to connect with you and their peers

Alumni are valuable constituents of an institution – they are living testimonials of student success. They can be powerful influencers of current students and also positive forces for their success. Continued participation in the institution by alumni, can greatly help employability of students - from career mentoring to employment opportunities. Time to tap into your most valuable network using latest technologies!

e2s Connect empowers your alumni through a college-branded mobile app, giving them a robust connection to the institution and also a great opportunity to network with peers.

Alumni relationships very often could remain untapped and hence lost relationships for the institution, which are valuable for their experiential contribution. Also, there is increasing competition for alumni and donor contributions with state funding and giving levels on a constant decline. Institutions, today, need to find innovative ways to stretch their limited resources to fund more students and programs than ever before. e2s Connect brings innovative technologies that give a holistic view of current student and alumni relationships, job board and mentoring, keep track of funds and pledges, displays real-time dashboards and reports, enables multi-channel communication, mobile-driven event management and much more, for success of the Advancement Office.


Create alumni communities based on graduation years (Class of 2005, etc.) and other interests, both public and private communities by invitation only. Alumni can form discussion forums with current students and 'mentor' with their career-acquired skills and experience. Alumni may also create knowledge-sharing communities to benefit from each other's expertise and experience. Given the busy schedules of the alumni population, e2s mobile app will be obviously a great tool for the alumni to be connected on the go. Alumni can engage in wall chatter communication, to pursue shared interests as well as memories from college years. As the institution harnesses the power of these communities using ever-growing alumni database, it motivates alumni to extend meaningful touch points.

Alumni Community Software

Job Board

e2s Career is an automated platform for your students to find internships, part-time and full-time jobs. Give students access on their mobile app to all resources needed to become employable, such as resume preparation, knowledge of the job market, honing interview skills, etc. Potential employers and alumni can post jobs. A smart match enables the best student fit for a job description, thus sharpening the chances of employability. Students can even choose an alumni mentor for experiential career counseling, a powerful feature to bring students and alumni together. Empower your students to apply for the right job, to receive notifications, set reminders, make appointments, get mentored, all using intuitive interfaces. Take the chaos out of career services for student success!

Student Community Software


Fundraising CRM Software

e2s Connect gives you extensive online marketing abilities, to run campaigns through multiple channels for alumni outreach. Conduct fundraising events and bring alumni community together. Set up separate funds such as building fund, library fund etc., run campaigns and get pledges from the alumni via the payment gateway on their mobile apps. The current status of pledges can be visible real-time to the alumni community as well as the Advancement team. Communicate effectively through their mobile apps and connect them to students for mentoring. Every contact made with the alumni is another building block to a lifetime relationship. Hence, robust technology systems to track all communication on an integrated platform is an absolute necessity for 360-view of the alumni.

Alumni Social Network

Social media networks such as LinkedIn and Twitter are natural haunt for alumni who are part of today's digital professional circles. e2s Connect platform seamlessly links to these networks and helps bring alumni back into the institution, making the professional profile of Alumni visible to the student network. This helps facilitate all alumni to come together in more meaningful ways, to increase alumni participation, engagement, stewardship, and relationships with your institution – and ultimately developing alumni into lifelong supporters and advocates. Your students are obviously the greatest beneficiaries of such a network.

Alumni Management Software
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