Case Management Solution

e2s Case Management solution collects, records, and tracks all student case-related information and outcomes, streamlining and minimizing administrative work for case management and student support staff via automated workflows, insightful reporting and auto-response to queries.
Case Management and robust student support empower students to address challenges and overcome barriers in order to achieve their educational and life goals while attending a college or university. The underpinning philosophy of a holistic Case Management solution should help campus stakeholders to collaborate and create an empathetic, confidential, safe, healthy, and a more caring environment for the students.
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Case Management Software
Case Management
A holistic Case Management solution helps campus stakeholders create an empathetic, confidential, safe, and caring environment for the students. It collects, records, and tracks all case-related information and outcomes, streamlines administrative work, manages documents, and automates workflows. Students can initiate service requests via the portal, mobile app, etc., and use this secure channel to overcome barriers to achieve their educational goals.
Service Desk
Save staff time by creating comprehensive FAQs and ability to ‘ask a question’ anytime. FAQ’s are for student self-service in the mobile app/portal with smart search capabilities. The student may also quickly raise an issue or ask a question via the Service Desk, and the student support staff can respond through a fully functional ticketing system and automatic assignment of queries to staff teams based on priorities and business rules, all aimed at facilitating the inquiry management process. Empower students to get responses to their queries quickly and show you care!
Service Desk Faqs
Appointment Booking
Appointment Booking
Students often need to meet with advisors and other campus staff. They can easily set up appointments via their mobile app/portal as one-time or recurring, specifying duration and venue. The calendar on the mobile app tracks appointments and sends periodic reminders and alerts. Staff members may publish their availability beforehand, and students choose preferred time slots with access to meeting prerequisites. Effectively track meeting outcomes and elevate student experience!
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