e2s Retain

Success CRM

Proactively support your students, get a 360 view, identify students at-risk early, and use intervention tools through their everyday devices to enhance retention

Provide great student service, engage your students, identify 'at-risk' students early, use automated intervention tools for retention, get a real-time 360 degree student view, centralized notes, and much more. Empower your students with a mobile app for self-reporting tools, self-scheduled appointments, persona targeted information and career services. Move the retention needle in a positive direction!

e2s Retain gives you a convenient, powerful and integrated platform for on-demand access to multi-dimensional student information on an intuitive interface. Increase team efficiency and productivity, releasing valuable staff time to be spent where it is needed most - handholding students across the finish line.

It is time to end student service silos by smartly bringing campus constituents together, onto the same page! Support staff get a configurable home page on the e2s portal, with prioritized action items, open student issues, dynamic dashboards, calendar with appointments, events and reminders, wall feed, student 360 view, chat with students and staff, etc. e2s is designed to ensure that not a single customer issue falls through the cracks!

The inevitable corollary of great student experience is student success!

360-degree Student View

Staff users, based on access privileges, get a 360-degree real time view of each student prior to any interaction with the student.

  • Issues or queries raised by the student and status of response by staff
  • Centralized notes about the student throughout his lifecycle
  • Institution-student communication history and timeline
  • Academic progress reports
  • Student engagement metrics and dashboards

Knowing the student is vital to strengthening the bond with the student. It does not matter how big the institution is, e2s aims to create a personalized and cozy student experience.

Student Retention CRM

Faculty Referrals

Be it campus or online education, the key is to identify budding academic, psychological, and behavioral student issues that will eventually impact retention. Very often, if duly raised and addressed, these concerns can be alleviated quickly by appropriate advisor intervention. Faculty and staff members get one-click access to view course rosters and student info, identify and record such referrals quickly, so that Advising/Counseling/Tutoring can collaborate to address such referrals using integrated, automated tools such as case management, notes, appointments, notifications, polls, and events. Thus, all 'success stakeholders' can collaborate using one easy system, to hand-hold lagging students seamlessly back to normalcy.

Student Retention Software

Progress Reports

Student Retention Management Software

Few things are as important as having students, faculty, and advising teams seamlessly and properly connected to work on early student alerts. Progress Reports ascertained mid-term provide a mission-critical understanding of where students need to improve in order to comply with course expectations. This feature will also assist in informing students when it is in their best interest to withdraw from a specific course to help avoid a future negative impact on their institutional standing. Staff members can create a campaign with reminder capabilities, Faculty members can view complete course rosters to provide constructive and timely updates, all on their mobile devices, to help student success.

Experience e2s and you'll wonder how you ever existed without it…