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Campus Engagement App

Engage and serve your students with an intuitive college-branded mobile app that places vital resources at their finger-tips and gets their issues resolved meticulously

e2s Mobile+, an innovative mobile app that helps institution create two-way communication with prospects, students or alumni via their preferred devices. Engage, nurture, and be responsive to student needs and win them over by creating great student experience! Create a mobile campus instantly, and encourage both institution-student interactions and peer-to-peer bonding. You get your own design studio to use your own branding, colours, themes and icons – reduce dependence on IT resources!

Higher Ed institutions today, face the colossal task of serving diverse student populations in a consistent manner to ensure a positive experience for all. Therefore, it is imperative to engage students based on their Persona (examples: International, Adult Learner, Physically Challenged, Online Students etc.), in order to appeal to their distinct needs, hopes, aspirations and concerns.

With e2s Mobile+, staff can set in place engagement campaigns and journeys that distribute content and interact with students for targeted, purposeful two-way communication and student feedback. And provide meaningful persona-based dashboards to the institution.

Service Desk

Empower students to create service tickets for issues or questions that require support or response via their mobile app, anytime, anywhere. Give a comprehensive case management system, to your student support staff to collaborate and be consistent in service delivery. Break the silos among departments by providing a platform for them to be on the same page, with access to a 360 student view. Students can track ticket status, view notes made on the ticket etc. on their mobile app. When a ticket is closed, the student has the opportunity to rate the quality of service or the option to reopen the ticket. Create a knowledgebase of FAQ's by seamlessly linking the case management system to it.


Calendar on the student's mobile app lets them view upcoming meetings, events, workshops, class schedules activities and reminders. Students can request meetings with staff and faculty members, whose calendar may be published with available slots. Students can view and book available slots via their mobile app. The 'meeting request' function is intelligently integrated with polls and service desk, providing automated meeting request generation. Dates of college events are also on the calendar, with reminders. Class schedule is made available on the mobile calendar, through integration with underlying college systems. Staff have a similar calendar synchronised with Outlook or Google with all their student-related tasks and reminders.

Mobile Campus for Higher Education


Campus Engagement App

Proactively pulse, engage, and guide students by polling, and using their responses to stay ahead of their needs with dynamic follow-ups. Much can be learnt by sending out polls to groups of students or all students. Groups of students can be delineated by their persona. You may want to find out, say, how physically challenged students are doing in their first year; specific question may be polled and based on their responses (positive, negative or neutral) automated actions may be set up. You may want to do a different action for the positive and neutral response givers. Faculty members may use polls to assess class response. This proactive engagement of students, helps identify and nip issues in the bud before they grow to become student frustration and a retention issue.

Personalised Journey

With an ever-increasing number of students embarking on primarily self-directed journeys in higher education from diverse backgrounds (example: international student, career professional, transfer student, veteran etc.), it is important to provide highly customised journeys for support. This is a mammoth challenge for college administrators, today. e2s Mobile+ eases the task with its unique ability to allow for enhanced engagement and digital hand-holding via persona-based campaigns, actions and dashboards. This automates interactions and notifications for timely and personalised guidance. An individual student can belong to more than one persona – say, a disabled student who is also an international student. Make the experience of your students small and cosy, however large your institution may be!

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