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Knowing the first-year experience of students


What is the first-year experience of students?

It is all about a whirlwind of excitement and questions: How will my course and course instructors be? Will my classes be tough? What about my students and roommate, will I be able to adapt to them? What do I do to become a campus leader? Will I be able to manage the new environment? And the question is endless. The first-year experience of students is often about challenges.

In many cases, the anxiety starts while navigating into the complex college systems to get things done.  While they acquire many new and exciting experiences, it can also be quite difficult for them to adjust to the idea of leaving home, a new environment, and bigger dreams.

While universities and schools provide many opportunities throughout the year to support and promote student well-being, discover multiple ways to unlock campus opportunities and resources, create a connection with peers and other stakeholders to build a sense of community, and look for multiple options to de-stress and to encourage student retention, do they really work is a big question.

This campus-wide responsibility is so delicate to handle and calls for expertise from the institution’s end. In some cases, these above-mentioned initiatives and programs might have yielded brilliant results, and in some others, the exact vice versa too. Don’t you feel something more is needed for your first-year students? Something that continually improves them towards success.

first year experience of students

At e2s, we know how tricky a freshman year experience could get and the attention it deserves.

The more you know about your first-year students the better you can understand their needs and handhold them through the new journey they just embarked on. Sign up to know more about Engage2Serve.