e2s Case Management - The Student Case Management Software

Case Management and robust student support empower students to address challenges and overcome barriers in order to achieve their educational and life goals while attending a college or university. The underpinning philosophy of a holistic Case Management solution should help campus stakeholders to collaborate and create an empathetic, confidential, safe, healthy, and a more caring environment for the students.
Case Management Software

Case Management solution collects, records and tracks all case-related information and outcomes, streamlining and minimising administrative work for the student support and case management staff by way of automated workflows and auto-response to queries. Students and staff can register issues related to areas such as disability, funding, wellbeing, financial guidance etc. Students can initiate their request for service via portal, mobile app, email or face-to-face discussions.

Key Benefits

  • Multiple channels of engagement for students (mobile, portal, website or email)
  • Automatic assignment of cases/issues to teams based on business rules
  • Centralised 360-view of the student with detailed case history and transactions
  • Centralised notes repository
  • Set flags and monitor student risk indicators
  • Checklist for staff aimed at standardising the resolution process
  • Effective and timely reminders and notifications
  • Routing of issues automatically to the right staff/team for speedy resolution
  • Various levels of confidentiality based on access privileges to access student information
  • Self-service portal and mobile app for students
  • Data encryption on student cases via role-based permission sets
  • Highly secure and robust document management system
Case Management Confidentiality
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