e2s Recruit - The Student Recruitment CRM

Recruit more, recruit better!
e2s Recruit is a high productivity Marketing and Admissions tools to capture enquiries from all sources, target communication to well-defined student groups based on their persona, manage admission lifecycle and much more:
Appointments and Interviews
Admissions team publish their calendar ahead of time, by opening available slots for applicants to book on their mobile app and portal, or even self-schedule online or in-person appointments. A robust calendar on the mobile app facilitates the whole interview process, if necessary.
Service Desk
Applicants raise queries or issues via a powerful Service Desk that allows admission staff in different departments to collaborate - financial aid, advising, registrar etc. Be responsive and consistent to the applicant, who can track queries and offer feedback. Remember, first impressions are the best!
FAQ Knowledge Base
Encourage self-service via FAQ on the mobile app. Applicants smart search by category and keywords, and real-time stats from FAQ is used for continuous improvement. Frequent recurrence of a Service Desk query, is an obvious signal to add to the FAQ, saving time for everyone
Staff Directory
Display a directory of admissions staff for applicants, on their mobile apps. They can reach by chat, email, phone or even schedule an appointment, with just a click. Send instant push notifications via the mobile app to an individual or groups of applicants.
Applicants can geo-locate offices, classrooms, campus buildings, and other points of interest around the campus using their smart phones. Allow visiting campus students to participate in interactive tours, delivered based on location and blue tooth technology.
Proactively pulse, engage and guide prospective students via polling to stay ahead of their needs with automated follow-ups. Polling helps understand applicant needs and negative responses could mean that more touch points are needed.
Creating communities for applicants help peer networking of a similar persona, say, international students from China plan to share a room in campus housing. Applicants can peek into student communities to get a glimpse of campus culture.
Application Tracking
Applicants could use the mobile app and portal to connect with the institution to fill out forms, track status of their application, set up interview dates, upload documents such as transcripts, essays, portfolio, references, and receive admit letter etc.
Experience e2s and you’ll wonder how you got by so far without it…