e2s Events

Plan, organize and conduct successful events on or off-campus. e2s Events comes with a set of modern tools, purpose-built for the world of education meant to empower college constituents to easily plan and successfully execute events.
Student Event Management

e2s Events management platform is a strategic tool to manage the entire event lifecycle from start to finish. Universities and colleges organize a variety of events such as recruitment events both on and off-campus, workshops for current students, graduation, career and alumni events. e2s Events helps them efficiently plan an event for students and staff – specify sponsors, sessions, and speakers, choose the attendee list, increase visibility for the event through campaigns, send reminders and alerts, disseminate meeting content, manage event registrations through manual and mobile-based solutions, and get event feedback.

Conduct events and workshops for students, and manage the entire event, public or private via e2s Events. Students can select the events they wish to attend, and send the RSVP via their mobile app or portal. Students will receive periodic reminders, alerts, and meeting-related content on their mobile app and portal. They can use the QR code on their mobile apps to register when they attend the event.

e2s Events streamlines the workflow for conducting events, monitoring progress and reporting the success metrics. It makes the work of the university staff extremely simple, helps them replicate similar events, and compare trends through reports and dashboards. It's a comprehensive event management system, built ground-up for universities and colleges.

Key Highlights for students

  • Students are notified instantly of upcoming events on their mobile apps or via email.
  • They can confirm attendance with a RSVP, and will be waitlisted if overbooked.
  • Students will receive relevant content related to the event.
  • Students can scan a QR code on their mobile apps to register when they attend the event.
  • Students can give their feedback on each event to help the organizers continuously improve.
CRM for Student Recruitment

Key Highlights for staff

Alumni Management System
  • Campus staff have all their events in progress listed on their home page with outstanding work to be completed for each.
  • They can pick the audience for each event from student persona groups already created or pick their audience individually.
  • Staff can ship out content related to the event and reminders etc., right up to the event.
  • They can register the event attendee either manually on a tablet or attendees can scan a QR code from the mobile apps to register.
  • Review reports and dashboards that reflect student feedback on the event, and also compare trends of attendance etc.

Glimpse of Event Management

Experience e2s and you'll wonder how you got by so far without it…