e2s Course and Attendance Management

Manage online and offline attendance, all at one go. From QR codes to one-time passwords,
technology to track student availability at ease.
Student Attendance Management System

e2s solution automates planning and delivering academic curriculum to students effectively. On the one hand, it helps in course planning and scheduling, and on the other, it manages attendance, all in one seamless system with both mobile apps for students and portal views. e2s provides unified views by connecting tutors, administrative staff and students on one single platform.

The most remarkable feature is that your students can now use the e2s app on their mobile devices to view time tables, attendance, receive reminders and notifications. e2s campus engagement app (e2s Mobile+) comes integrated with timetable and attendance on student's calendar. Alternatively, in case you already have a campus mobile app or portal for students, the e2s timetable and attendance can be integrated into your app or portal.

Course Scheduling

Streamline the course planning and scheduling process through configurable workflows, bring various stakeholders from Marketing, Learning areas, Teaching staff and Student Advisors onto the same page seamlessly, and avoid redundant data across multiple systems used in the college.

  • Define course plan for the academic year
  • Generate course numbers
  • Set up approval workflow
  • Define course information such as course code, course name, description, entry criteria, fees, start and end date
  • Schedule approved courses in identified class rooms
  • Balance workload for teaching staff
  • Publish the schedule and timetable for students on their mobile devices
  • Easy to modify schedules prior to class start; notify students and staff through centralised alert notifications
  • Generate newsletters, HTML content for websites and printable catalogue automatically from the system
  • Update information seamlessly on your SIS, through our API's
Student Attendance Software

Attendance Management

Attendance Tracking Software

Mark attendance, for the course schedule published, via mobile or tablets and the attendance for the courses. Students can view their class schedule or time table on their mobile devices and also use the mobile app to mark attendance when they attend class. This can be done via swiping the QR Code on a tutor's tablet, or by the tutor simply marking attendance manually on his tablet. An advanced method to mark attendance is to use Beacon technologies to capture attendance sensing the student's proximity via bluetooth.

  • Keep timetable in draft mode and publish, when necessary, for students to view
  • Send notifications, reminders to students and staff for classes, changes etc.
  • Tutors can activate classes using access cards – to start and stop class as needed
  • Mark attendance using access cards, Beacon – modern failsafe solutions!
  • Receive real time Attendance Reports for students and staff - extensive abilities to delve into attendance data

The system has been developed keeping in view the academic, legal and contractual needs of educational institutions with respect to student attendance monitoring, while increasing the efficacy of attendance capture, course planning, timetable publishing, facility management and data feeds to various institutional systems including institutional website's Content Management System, Learning Management system and Student Information System.

Experience e2s and you'll wonder how you got by so far without it…