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e2s Career is an intuitive mobile platform that automates your Employability Services function for students to find jobs. After all student success is, more often than not, measured by employability!

Bring all the stakeholders for student success onto a single platform: the institution, students, alumni and employers. Students can now find internships, part-time, full-time jobs, even non-profit volunteer positions!

Give students access on their mobile app to all resources they need to become employable - prepare resumes, understand nuances of the job market, hone their interview skills, etc. Potential employers and alumni can post jobs. A smart match enables the best student fit to a job description, thus sharpening the match and chances of employability.

Students can choose an alumni mentor that would help them achieve their goals for experiential career counselling. Empower your students to apply for the right job, to receive notifications, set reminders, make appointments, get mentored, all using intuitive interfaces. Take the chaos out of career services and facilitate student success!


Students can get their career journey kick-started by applying for jobs using their mobile apps, even filter the jobs most suitable to their profile. Applicants are empowered by the vibrant jobs ecosystem created on this digital platform by employers, non-profits, institution and alumni. Students receive alerts whenever a new job is posted on the platform.

They also get a host of features such as job market updates, resume builder, powerful job filters, job rating, employer reviews, resume directory, reminder setting, favorite job markers, job status tracking, alerts, notifications etc. They can use the 'Mentoring' function to find the right mentor to help them seek a career of their choice.

Student Engagement App


Employers can post jobs and use the software algorithm to filter the best candidates for the job. Employers can post jobs for a specific user type and manage all incoming applications in a work area. This platform simplifies candidate search and gives employers access to the right candidates on a digital platform.

Employers have access to some very useful features such as applicant profile match, application assessment, powerful job filters, multiple job postings, dynamic employer job wall, reports and dashboards. Motivate your employers in the community by empowering them with their own login!

Student Campus Management Software


Alumni Engagement Software

Alumni are valuable constituents of an institution – they are living testimonials of student success. Alumni can be powerful influencers to current students and positive forces in their quest for success. It is extremely important to encourage continuous and meaningful engagement and participation of the alumni, with the institution.

e2s Career platform allows alumni to post jobs from their current employers or even their own ventures, for the benefit of current students. Alumni can also volunteer to be mentors to students and bring their valuable knowledge of the professional and business world to students. Students can choose mentors from among alumni that will suit their needs and career goals the best.


College or university is the focal point and an important user of the e2s Career platform, to validate the employers who wish to register and advertise jobs, and to engage students to focus on their career. Through this valuable platform they can provide many resources that the students need to find a job and a career.

Jobs posted by the employers and alumni are duly monitored by the career services staff. They also guide the students by sending them notifications about new jobs on the portal that matter to them. Dynamic dashboards provide views to assess career options provided by different employers and how students are benefitting from this platform. Employer rating and feedback provide vital information for students to make decisions.

Student Monitoring Software
Experience e2s and you'll wonder how you ever existed without it…