Engage2Serve optimally addresses the changing "Student Journey" leveraging social media and the web, improving student communication, and service, and elevating the visibility of the institution's brand.

e2s delivers a proven set of Higher and Further Education mobile solutions that help institutions make enormous strides in operational excellence, without the huge capital expenses previously required to maintain traditional software systems.

Our team has the deepest experience with integration of mobile and CRM systems with campus systems including SIS, LMS, Retention, and Advancement or Alumni Development.

e2s is a revolutionary platform to improve student experience! Elegantly designed, simple to use, and highly affordable, e2s is a powerful service and engagement product on your students' everyday devices! Engage2Serve is a cloud-based campus mobile system with real-time dashboards – watch live, the transformation of your campus constituents' engagement and participation!

Quick Setup

College staff can get on a SaaS platform to use the powerful e2s portal, while students download their mobile apps from app stores to get connected. Bravo! All campus constituents are now part of one happy family! Serve and engage your students like never before.

Insightful Dashboards

Get an instant snapshot of students' mobile app usage through dashboards of analytics that captures trends around student issues and queries, community participation, content demand, event attendance, poll responses and search behaviour. Trends that tell you what students are looking for!

Improved Student Experience

21st century students are on the move and extremely device friendly! A smart, informative and engaging mobile app is the easiest way for outreach and engagement. Connect with your students, and let them connect with one another for learning and leisure!

With e2s Solutions, you can:

  • Increase efficiencies by streamlining operations and bridging fragmented processes, data and departments
  • Integrate with legacy systems, modern cloud-based apps and mobile delivery platforms
  • Future-proof operations for tomorrow and continue to innovate when new devices, applications, or business processes are introduced
  • Adapt mobility around your existing business processes; innovate where needed
  • Provide transparency across the entire student lifecycle for a 360-degree view into constituent activity
  • Collaborate in new ways to free up time for high-value constituent engagement

e2s Partner Ecosystem

Built on a cloud foundation that you can trust. Performance you can count on, every day. Constructed on a modern SaaS architecture on AWS, our cloud-based Student Lifecycle Engagement Platform supports high-volume activity, and event capture, tracking, and execution. Easily scale as needed with our platform that's built to handle hundreds of millions of activities per day.

Customisable to match your needs

Our platform can be customised across many dimensions, including custom fields, custom objects for many-to-many relationships, and custom activities across different channels and devices, supporting large-scale IoT, for next-generation applications in our hyper-connected world.

World-class security from the foundation up

Keeping your data safe is our highest priority. We provide world-class security based on proven industry best practices, test all code for security vulnerabilities before release, regularly scan our network and systems for vulnerabilities.