Modern Capabilities
e2s understands that Higher Education will increasingly require the integration of systems to deliver a seamless user experience and properly leverage data. This is why our platform is compliant with Learning Technology Interoperability standards.
Connecting with other Systems
We know e2s is not the only institutional system you rely on which is why we provide a full set of open API that we share with partners, making it easy for third-party systems (SIS/LMS) and apps to connect with e2s. This allows for push/pull capabilities of necessary data.
Architectural Flexibility
Our malleable platform makes it easy for any type of institution to adopt new technologies into their current structure and processes. Even better is how easy it is to set-up and intuitive to utilise.
Professional Services
Our team can assist institutions lacking readily available IT resources necessary for integration. We will work to determine the project scope, integrate your systems, and ensure that it's all functioning properly.