e2s Student Lifecycle CRM on a single cloud-based platform with mobile apps for your Prospects, Students and Alumni

Seamless Constituent Lifecycle Management

  • Enrolment CRM

    Increase your enquiries and applications. Manage them efficiently by empowering your Marketing and Admission teams with tools for persona-based outreach, nurture and conversion. Serve and engage your prospective students with a campus-branded mobile app. Achieve your recruitment goals within budget!
  • Success CRM

    Identify at-risk students early and facilitate staff collaboration for student success. Give your students a campus-branded mobile app with service desk, calendar, staff interaction tools, student communities, polls, career services etc. for customised, persona-based interactions. It's all about student experience!
  • Alumni CRM

    Enable meaningful institutional participation by your alumni. Feature success stories, request alumni to be mentors, post jobs and run campaigns for fundraising. Your alumni mobile app not only gives you a direct connection, but also facilitates peer networking. Appeal to your alumni's natural desire to be connected!
  • Campus Engagement App

    Go where your customers are! Your very own campus-branded mobile app, with an app design studio, and facilities such as student service desk, FAQ's, poll, notifications, chat, appointments, events, 360 student view etc. Define student persona and customised pathways for meaningful communication, anytime, anywhere!
When it comes to your students,
no one size fits all.
Your students are unique and so is our one-of-a-kind approach to engaging and serving diverse student populations by providing configurable workflows, personalised interactions and campaigns, based on their backgrounds, needs and aspirations.

Personalised Pathways for:



Adult Learner

Student Athlete


Launch your own campus-branded mobile app, instantly!

Simple to Setup

You can get e2s up and running without breaking a sweat! We're cloud-based, which means that you have no hassle in procuring and maintaining complex IT servers. Let your IT teams stay busy with other projects!

Centralised Control

All your student information can be accessed from our single system anytime, anywhere. Bring student service and engagement together under one umbrella using e2s and eliminate departmental silos.

Highly Configurable

e2s is built from the ground up for Higher Ed. Its flexible design allows the app to be easily configured to reflect the structures and workflows of your institution. Design a personalised mobile app for your campus almost instantly, without writing a single line of code!
Powerful capabilities at the centre of a scalable cloud-based architecture
on your Student's everyday devices

Platform Overview
e2s - cloud-based architecture