Engage with your prospects, build meaningful 1-1 relationships through customised persona-based multi-channel campaigns, manage enquiries and applications effectively, and empower your applicants with a campus-branded mobile app. Recruit more, recruit better!

e2s Recruit, Enrolment CRM provides educational institutions with high productivity Marketing and Admissions tools to capture enquiries from every source such as website, phone, events, social media, walk-in etc., and do outreach campaigns to various student persona (international, veteran, adult-learners, disabled, online students etc.) by creation of custom pathways for automated drip communication.

Give your prospective students a campus-branded mobile app and portal to raise queries, receive college resources, track status and just plain stay in touch through service desk, campus news, communities, polls, and application tracking functionalities. e2s Recruit gives you the ability to:

  • Build meaningful relationships with prospects from enquiry all the way to enrolment
  • Streamline marketing activities, set goals and track progress
  • Speed up admission cycle from application to offer
  • Get real-time views of applicant roadmap
  • Achieve your recruitment goals.

Campus and Academic Structures

e2s Recruit speaks your language! While most competing products are built on platforms designed for the commercial sector, e2s Recruit is built "from the ground up", in collaboration with colleges and universities, to address their needs and challenges. Underlying data structures address individual campuses, programs, courses, terms, and academic schedules. It enables institutions to configure and label data elements to match their institutional structure, functions, and terminology – so that the system falls in line with your needs, and not vice versa. Analytical tools provide institutions with detailed insights into their enrolment funnel, applicants roadmap, bottlenecks, actual vs target recruitment, recruitment performance by counselors, teams and campuses.
Campus and Academic Structure
Inquiry Distribution / Prioritization

Persona-based Pathways

'One size doesn't fit all' when it comes to communicating and dealing with students. e2s Recruit allows the creation of persona for each student group (international, veteran, disabled, online student etc.) and set up unique communication pathways. One student may belong to more than one persona. It's critical to clearly understand and delineate student personas to do personalised touch points. Disseminate persona-based content specific to each student, and automate actions (events, polls, appointments, service desk, reminders etc.). Such targeted communication is guaranteed to make the student feel touched, and reassure her that she is dealing with the right institution. That's why we have painstakingly embedded personas deeply into our CRM product.

Enquiry Management

e2s Recruit offers a powerful set of tools to manage enquiry distribution and prioritisation. Supervisors in Marketing and Admissions have the ability to set up rules for distribution and prioritisation of enquiries, based on enrolment counselors' skills and experience. Extensive real time dashboards provide vital decision-support, team/individual performance metrics, overall marketing effectiveness, and comparison of target funnel the actual funnel campus and program. The enrolment counselor workspace is innovatively designed and guarantees top-notch productivity. Functionality such as sorting and prioritisation, flag-setting, personalised performance metrics, reminders, and easy-to-use filters, are just a mouse-click away, thus streamlining the counselor's daily work needs.
Dynamic Application Forms
Dynamic Forms

Dynamic Forms

Build tailor-made application and enquiry forms, dynamically, to suit the needs of your institution. e2s Recruit helps you move from paper-based to digital application processing. Applications submitted through college website or third party systems are duly captured in e2s Recruit, validated, 'de-duplicated', and verified digitally. Almost effortlessly, generate multiple application forms for various courses. Email portal and mobile app credentials to prospects, and they can use the portal to complete the forms at home or on campus. Applicants use either their portal or mobile app and connect with the college to fill out forms; track the status of their application; set up interview dates; upload documents such as transcripts, essays, portfolio, references, and receive an admission letter etc.


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