The e2s API uses industry-standard web tokens based access control, this provides secure access to e2s data while preventing direct access to e2s databases.
We support external identity providers (IdPs), including Active Directory, CAS, LDAP, OpenID, and SAML/Shibboleth.
Physical Security
All data is securely stored in highly stable and geographically diverse Amazon Web Services (AWS) data center locations.
Protocol Security
To ensure the privacy and security of your data, e2s uses HTTPS for all communication and encrypts all inbound and outbound traffic using 128-bit TLS/SSL.
Backup and Recovery
e2s is configured to support multi-zone availability which provides redundant data replication to a secondary server in a different location and ensures seamless failover. We retain daily database backups for up to 2 weeks and process hourly incremental backups that greatly reduce potential data loss.
We automatically install necessary security patches to provide and maintain the highest level of security at all times.