The cloud-based e2s Recruit Enrollment CRM system provides high productivity marketing and recruitment tools that are accessible from any connected browser. The integrated mobile architecture empowers schools to connect with students on the platform they prefer the most – their mobile devices.

Multi-channel campaigns allow schools to communicate with students using automated marketing messaging delivered through Mobile Notifications, Email, SMS, Phone, and Social Media.

A streamlined Admissions Counselor Workspace allows counselors to complete student communications tasks from a single dashboard. And the comprehensive student interactions history timeline makes a complete record of student communications available to any authorized user.

The Events module enables schools to schedule events, assign resources such as rooms and speakers, and create a complete communications plan that includes invitations, registration forms, registration confirmations, reminder messages, etc.

The Dynamic Student Application and Forms system facilitates the creation of “Smart Applications,” inquiry templates, and registration forms that are fed directly into the CRM upon submission.

These and many other innovative e2s Recruit features streamline marketing, enhance admission team productivity, and help institutions achieve their enrollment goals.

Campus and Academic Structures

e2s Recruit speaks your language. Where other systems build on tools and terminology designed for the commercial sector, e2s Recruit was built "from the ground up" to address the needs of colleges and universities. Underlying data structures address individual campuses, areas of study, programs, award types, and academic schedules. It enables schools to configure and label data elements to match the structure, functions, and terminology in place, at their institutions – so that the system conforms to the school, not vice versa. Analytic tools provide schools with detailed insights into their enrollment funnel, giving views of actual performance compared to targets across individual counselors, teams and campuses.
Campus and Academic Structures
Inquiry Distribution / Prioritization

Inquiry Distribution / Prioritization

e2s Recruit offers a powerful and comprehensive set of tools to manage inquiry distribution and prioritization to enrollment counselors. Marketing and Admissions leadership have the ability to set up rules for inquiry distribution and prioritization, with extensive real time dashboards showing team and individual performance and overall marketing effectiveness – comparison of target funnel to actual funnel. The enrollment counselor workspace provides a powerful user interface that includes functionality such as sorting and prioritization, personalized performance metrics, reminders, and easy-to-use filters, so that everything that the counselor needs is readily accessible at the click of a mouse.

Dynamic Application Forms

Build data entry forms, with dynamic fields to be included in the form on a need-to-be-determined basis at runtime. Create contact forms, application forms and supplementary forms. Associate the forms with one or more curricula/faculties or courses/programs. Associate supplementary forms with answers to certain questions in the application form and route them to specified teams. This powerful feature of e2s Recruit moves at the speed of business and helps the institution be nimble-footed.
Dynamic Application Forms
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