e2s Retain is a mobile-enabled student retention management solution that improves overall experience and engagement, while helping identify at-risk students in need of timely support.

It empowers educational institutions with a convenient way to combine on-demand access to faculty referrals, progress reports, and student self-reporting tools on one elegant and intuitive system. Team efficiency is significantly enhanced with centralised notes, automated notifications, and self-schedule appointment calendars that streamline workflow and allow for more time to be spent assisting students.

e2s Retain is an LTI compliant platform and can be integrated with other systems such as an SIS or LMS to constantly monitor student compliance, academic performance, and early alert data. Move the retention needle in a positive direction using e2s Retain!

Faculty Referrals
Be it in an on-campus or online environment, it is key to identify academic, psychological, and behavioural concerns that may affect student retention. Many times these may be alleviated quickly if Faculty and Staff Referrals are submitted so that other departments such as Student Advising/Counselling/Tutoring can intervene in a timely fashion. e2s Retain provides one-click access from any device to view course rosters or search for students to provide tools for intervention, staff collaboration and ticket resolution tracking. This allows all success stakeholders to hand-hold lagging students back to normalcy.
Progress Reports
Few things are as important as having students, faculty, and advising teams seamlessly and properly connected. Progress Reports provide a mission-critical understanding of what students need to improve in order to comply with course expectations. This feature will also assist in informing students when it is in their best interest to withdraw from a specific course to help avoid a future negative impact on their institutional standing. Staff can create a campaign with reminder capabilities that Faculty can quickly access and view complete course rosters to provide constructive and timely updates through any Internet-ready device.
Academic Plans
Failure to properly plan and establish goals will often prevent students from progressing towards program completion in an optimal manner. This can lead to negative academic and financial situations for students. e2s Retain provides staff with tools to aid students with an easy way to refer to online academic plans, on their favourite devices. Staff will be able to create, modify, record, and review academic plans, and also receive alerts if a student stays away from the prescribed course selections. This is such an essential tool for the student to succeed, and for the staff to track credits and budget needed by students on their journey to graduation.
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