Engage and convert your prospects with the innovative college-branded mobile app. Distribute content and interact with your prospective students based on their pre-defined Persona for targeted, purposeful communication. Increase your enquiry base and enhance conversion!

Higher Education institutions today, face the colossal task of differentiating themselves in an increasingly crowded marketplace. They have to compete for relevance and visibility with prospective students who are faced with multiple choices. During this phase of the journey, it is vital for the institution to engage the prospects based on their Persona (examples: International Student, Career Professional, Returning Veteran, etc.), and appeal to their distinct needs, hopes, aspirations and concerns.

Engagement through mobile devices is imperative today for millennial students. Use e2s Mobile+ to engage in two-way communication with your prospective students. Through the e2s Mobile+ app, they can get Campus News, FAQ's and Maps. You can use the 'Event' feature to organise public and private events for prospects, set up Communities based on their Persona, reach out to them through Polls and Notifications. It's a two-way street because the prospects can reach out to the college through Chat and Service Desk if they have any issues, queries or concerns.

Personalised Pathway
With an ever-increasing number of students embarking on primarily self-directed journeys in higher education from diverse backgrounds (examples: International Student and Postgraduate), it is important to provide them highly customised pathways for support. This is a mammoth challenge for college administrators, today. e2s Mobile+ eases the task for admissions staff with its unique ability to allow for enhanced engagement and digital hand-holding via administrator configured, Persona-based campaigns that automate interactions and notifications for timely and personalised guidance.
Service Desk
Prospective students are empowered to create service tickets regarding issues that require support via their mobile app, anytime, anywhere. Admissions staff can either resolve the issue or transfer the ticket to the attention of another staff member. Once the issue is resolved, the staff member would close the ticket, which in turn will trigger a notification update to the prospect. Prospects can also track ticket status, and notes made on their mobile app. When a ticket is closed, quality of service can be rated and/or ticket can be reopened.
Staff and prospective students can create learning and special interest communities via their e2s Mobile+ app. Students may become members of private communities by invitation and public communities are open to all. A prospective international student for instance, can become a member of a community relevant to international students, and befriend and share information other applicants who are headed to the college or university. Marketplace communities can be created to post classified information such as items for roommates wanted, etc. This greatly helps create bonding with other students even prior to starting class.
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