Alumni are valuable constituents for an institution – they are living testimonials of student success. They can be powerful influencers of current students and also positive emotional forces to the institution. Continued participation in the institution by Alumni, can greatly help the employability of students - from mentoring for employment to access to jobs.

Institutions face increasing competition for Alumni and donor contributions while state funding and giving levels are on the decline. They need to find innovative ways to stretch their limited resources while funding more students and programs than ever before. e2s Connect helps institutions with technology that gives a holistic view of Alumni, keeps track of finances, runs up-to-the-minute reports, enables multi-channel communication, and mobile-driven event management to help the advancement office. In addition, our unique mobility solutions for alumni help build strong and productive relationships between Alumni and the institution, to build a brand for fundraising success..

Social Career Network
Social media networks like LinkedIn and Twitter becomes a natural haunt for many Alumni who grow in their career and become part of digital professional circles. e2s Connect platform seamlessly connects to these digital media networks and helps bring them back into the institution, making the professional profile of Alumni visible to the institution network. This helps facilitate everyone in your institution to connect with your Alumni supporters in more meaningful ways – increasing their participation, engagement, stewardship, and relationships – and ultimately developing them into lifelong supporter advocates.
e2s Connect's online marketing and fundraising capabilities helps in raising more money and building an enhanced institutional profile online. It enables effective communication with alumni through their mobile apps using online strategies such as social media, peer-to-peer fundraising, and online giving. There is increased efficiency with top management reporting, online/offline stewardship and focus on the right alumni for major and planned gifts.
Every contact made with Alumni constituents is a stepping-stone for a lifetime relationship. Hence, cutting edge technology systems to track all communication on an integrated platform is an absolute necessity. e2s Connect gives you the ability to set up separate funds such as building fund, library fund, etc., run specific campaigns and get pledges from the Alumni through payment gateway on their mobile apps. The current status of pledges are visible real-time to the whole Alumni community as well as the institution's Alumni team.
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